Delhi Gang Rape Victim’s Family Appalled by Ruling

New Delhi: The family of the December 16 Delhi gang-rape victim is reeling from the Monday order of the Supreme Court staying the execution of two of the remaining convicts in the case and has demanded a death penalty for them.

“I am not happy with the decision of the Supreme Court to issue a stay order on the High Court’s decision to give death sentence to Akshay Thakur and Vinay Sharma (two of those gang-rape convicts),” the victim’s father was quoted as saying on Tuesday.

“The incident happened with my daughter. Despite the brutal act, she wanted to live but I failed to save her life. I have lost everything after her death. The Supreme Court judges should have feelings like me before taking any decision,” the distraught father said.

The victim’s father further informed that his entire family was shocked over the Supreme Court’s decision. “My last demand is death sentence to the convicts. I will continue to fight for that,” he added.

The victim’s mother also said that she was deeply disturbed by the top court’s decision and demanded justice for her daughter.

“We are not satisfied with the decision and are deeply disturbed after hearing about it. I don’t know on what basis the court has stayed their execution but we want our daughter to get justice,” said the victim’s mother.

“All the four accused should get death sentence. They have committed a horrendous crime. They went beyond humanity. If they don’t deserve death sentence then who should get it?” she asked.

The reactions from the victim’s family came hours after the Supreme Court blocked the execution of Vinay Sharma and Akshay Thakur, the two remaining convicts on death row in the 16 December, 2012 gang-rape case, as it extended its 15 March order suspending the death sentence of the two other convicts, Mukesh and Pawan Gupta, in the same case.

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