Futuristic All-Glass Design For iPhone 8?

Danny Choy
Displayed with permission from iDigital Times

The next iPhone is rumored to introduce a design that is so radical Apple might skip the 7s moniker to call it the iPhone 8. What’s more, A source allegedly told Business Insider that development for the iPhone 8 has already begun in Israel.

Via Business Insider, Apple’s Herzliya office employs approximately 800 workers. The office, which is located 15 km north of Tel Aviv’s city center, is allegedly an R&D facility that tests and develops chips, storage components, cameras and wireless technologies.

Details regarding the new iPhone remain scarce, but Business Insider’s source, who solders components at the Herzliya office, only stated the new handset will be “different” from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s.

Thankfully, there is someone who is consistently ahead of the curve – KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.AppleInsider obtained a new research report by Kuo, which reveals key design changes that will likely be seen on the next Apple handset.

The clean look of Jet Black has become very popular and accounts for nearly 35 percent of iPhone 7 sales, Kuo discovered. For 2017, the iPhone is expected to boast an even sleeker glass design with metal edges.

“As all-glass casing is not possible at present given technological bottlenecks, a metal frame surrounding the edge is necessary for reinforced structure design,” Kuo wrote. “As stainless steel has a better look than aluminum and costs more, we expect only high-end new iPhone models to come with a stainless steel frame next year.”

The new glass chassis yields higher scratch resistance while also offering a gloss finish. An even stronger glass is expected to make the next iPhone more durable as well. Based on Kuo’s reports, the next iPhone design may borrow from the Apple Watch, which offers a dull aluminum finish for entry-level models and a shinier, more durable stainless steel finish for the more premium Apple Watch models.


Early rumors suggest the clean all-glass design could be accentuated by a sharp edge-to-edge OLED display, which will conceal the earpiece, front-facing camera, home button and Touch ID fingerprint sensor beneath the screen. A home button on the display is nothing new, but we’re fascinated to see Apple implement a Touch ID scanner on the display as well.

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