Today’s Poem


By SB Veda

15th May, 2023


In a white dress, she is cotton on air

Carried hither and dither by winds unknown.

Thrusted above fields and roads,

Drifting to Earth as if she’d never flown.


Lifted out of the plane of her aspect

Dancing with thistle, what a wonder!

A harmony of instinct pervades,

And things be so much smaller down yonder.


In tightening curls, the wind starts to swirl,

squealing like a tuning violin.

A storm brews like steaming tea

Around she starts to spin.


Still, she smiles in that carefree way;

She knows it’s all a dream.

On a lily pad she lands that day

And floats away on a stream.


So, in bed when I lie all awake

At times with soured mind

Am comforted by her life I’ve seen,

As a dandelion so kind.



©The Global Calcuttan
All Rights Reserved