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Who we are:

We are a digital review magazine and web-log. Our content consists of Arts, Culture, Current Events, History and Philosophy, and features interviews – The Global Calcuttan is a person inhabiting a fortress of the mind – a City of Joy waking to the dawn of Kipling’s dreadful night – thoughts, ideas, memories, hopes and dreams – all inspired, informed, and somewhat shaped by a centre of culture once known as Calcutta. This is a magazine about our global manifestations or avatars.

The magazine was started in March, 2013 by writer, S.B. Veda. The author was born in London, England and grew up mostly in Canada, working briefly in the United States.  Travelling to Calcutta and then Kolkata, each year, he was reassured each time he visited that the place was the cultural capital of India. And, then he started to live here. Wondering when the city started to decline, the last straw occurred when a booker-prize winning author of Indian descent was prevented from entering the city by a cabal of insidious forces.  It was a small gesture, an attempt to take a step in the direction of restoring Calcutta’s heritage to Kolkata’s reality.  The site was taken down in autumn of the same year for a redesign. Having picked up many voices since then, The Global Calcuttan is a team of writers aiming to achieve the noble purpose of its founder.

What Global Calcuttans think, feel, and express – should be an inspiration that is echoed, the world over. And, perhaps one day, people will say of this city what was once said of Bengal at its zenith…what Calcutta thinks today, the world thinks tomorrow.

So, lend us your ears, your eyes and, perhaps, most importantly your voices…

Into that citadel, let all of us enter with pride!






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