Is Your GPS Set On Completing Your Resolution? Learn How You Can Recommit And Have Success.

As New Year’s Eve approached, did you give some thought to a new year resolution?

I know I did…

It’s one of the most coveted times of the year for losing weight, to quit smoking, to be happier, to spend more time with family and friends, as well as to save some extra money.

Towards the end of January many people lose their commitment and on average only 8% of those people have continued to succeed and feel good about themselves.
One of the biggest concerns I have for lifestyle change or weight loss is the ‘quick fix’ rather than a progressive reasonable goal that is specific.
On average people put more thought into the resolution or resolution(s) than the action steps required to actually carry it out.

Here’s a great way to reconnect to your resolution(s);

1. Spend time on one resolution well rather than a list of multiple goals.
2. Act immediately and set up a plan
3. Be very specific about your goal. Ex: lose 5 lbs in 30 days, join a gym and actively participate in activities 3 times per week.
4. Post the action steps on your mirror for you to see every day. Keep it visible rather than winging it daily. Set your GPS daily
5. Practice better habits. While you are at the gym, get to know the staff or people at the time you workout so you have EXTRA support.

Reminder to stay consistent, stay the course and review your goal daily. Give yourself a pat on the back too!!
One of the biggest questions I get asked by clients is, “How can I get rid of the extra weight around my mid-section?”

Firstly, a pill such as a fat burner is not a solution. If it seems too good to be true, then run for the hills. The habits that you have so diligently committed to in order to have the extra weight (pizza, pop, candy, wings, fries, takeout…) will require some time to release.

Once you begin a workout routine, it will take 6 to 8 weeks to notice results. Some people experience early results,

Spot reducing has never worked and never will work. Having a full body workout program is the best way for you to SEE results. Always, always hire a professional trainer to design a foundation program that is specific to you and possible some injuries.

Take pictures front, back and side as well as measurements in order to see the change in body composition rather than the focus on the scale. The most common are; the neck, chest, ribs, belly area, hips, thigh, calves, middle of the arm (bicep) and the wrist. If you want more detail ask your trainer to complete a caliper test which can provide a body fat percentage (its not 100% but very close). These points give you a starting position. If you don’t have a start point then you will not see the difference.

BIG tip, huge tip here folks!! Get 7+ hours of sleep a night.

The most under rated tip to help lose weight is getting the proper amount of sleep. The best time is between 10pm to 2am and total 7 hours or more.

This is the opportune time for the body to manage all the stress hormones that have been over activated throughout the day which drags down the immune system. Plus it’s the most opportune time for it to repair and renew, plus it helps to keep you looking younger.

Most importantly, never set goals that are too high knowing that they are unattainable. The added pressure is unhealthy.
Finally, always ALWAYS set yourself up with a reward at the end of each month. For example: a trip to the spa, new clothes, a reward dinner with one of your supporters. Most of all, make it special for you.

“We grow to the extent we are willing to let go of the things that hold us back.
Christie Macartney
Health and Wellness Advocate
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