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Pritha Kejriwal is Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Kindle Magazine, a social and political magazine of review and commentary, and has no equal among its printed contemporaries.

After working at two of the largest mainstream media houses in India namely, NDTV and The Hindustan Times, which Kejriwal found to be stifling, she took the courageous step of creating a new publication reflecting her intellectual inclinations.

Co-founding the magazine in 2008 with Maitreyi Kandoi, a chartered financial analyst and philanthropist, the pair sought out to challenge young readers with their brand of thought-provoking journalism. Fearlessly, they have never shirked controversy, drawing praise from such luminaries as Noam Chomsky, Shyam Bengal, and Binayak Sen. It is no wonder that Kindle has been compared to The Atlantic Monthly and The Newyorker.

Pritha has been active in the cultural life in Calcutta, and joined SB Veda at Satyajit Ray Studio, iLead College after the Kolkata Literary Meet where they were both delegates.

She spoke to Veda at length about growing up in the city, its intellectual life, the challenges facing India as well as those of independent publications like Kindle in an increasingly noisy mediascape.

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